August 30, 2015

Life happened

It has been a very long time since I last wrote a post here. Life has happened and it wasn't pretty.

For nearly three years now, I am battling depression and bipolar disorder. I have been very ill, thinking about ending my life to make things better for my family, for I thought I was nothing but a burden for them. Whenever it seemed like there was a light to see, something happened to extinct it. I would get ill, one of the kids would have an accident or there would be problems with my husband.
I suffered acute hearing loss, the flu (the REAL flu), migraine attacks and other ailments.

But I fought. I'm on a medication (though not on enough of it). I have therapy and work on a healthy life style. I have found friends and left friends behind that weren't good for me. My main helper has been my husband without whose patience and love I would not have succeeded, although sometimes I thought he made things worse. He did not.

A few weeks ago now I had a change in medication and I'm starting to feel better now. There is some energy coming back to me and it's not manic, but positive, true, energy. I'm looking forward to start working again, teaching people to sew and to knit.

And I'm looking forward to pick up the trail in this blog again. I have so many new books to talk about, new techniques I tried. I hope you'll read me very soon!