September 03, 2012

Cake recipe

Right now I'm making two beautiful Handsome Winter-Sweaters for my kids in the beautiful Merino Yarn by Pickles.

To knit the sweater, the yarn is held double to create a nice, soft and very warm fabric. When nearly finished with the body for DDs sweater in cocoa brown yarn I found it a bit dull and decided to re-knit it using part of the pink yarn for DSs sweater and make stripes.
Imagin this: Knitting in the round, yarn held double, stripes. Makes four balls of yarn jumping around the sofa and being grabbed at by DS. No fun at all! And then I had a light moment.

I should wind the two balls of one colour in a cake. It would be much easier to handle. Wait. If I wind anyway, how about winding TWO COLOURS into one cake? Wouldn't that be even better? I tried and it's great! I put the light colour as center-pull to the inside and the darker colour to the outside:

Great idea, isn't it? Yes! But it didn't work! Our sofa, though it's a leather sofa, is covered with sheets to protect it from sticky fingers and inquiring tongues. The pink yarn pulling out the bottom center got stuck in the sheets. I could put the cake on the floor that's tiled, but the sticky fingers would be very quick to tangle and felt the yarn there. I need a yarn bowl.
There are plenty of great ideas on Pinterest about what to use as make-shift yarn bowls but I found the variety of plastic containers proposed to lightweight and to small to hold even one ball of yarn. I read about using tea pots and thread the yarn through the muzzle. As my yarn was already attached to the knitting plus I want to be able to take my knitting with me, that was no option.
But I thought about it a bit and went around the house to see what might work. And I got lucky with the old tableware I inherited from my great-grandparents. It came with a huge lidded bowl with an opening for a spoon. Perfect for stew. Perfect for a makeshift yarn bowl.

It's huge, that's true. But it is also heavy so will have a good stand. And it's smooth on the inside and the yarn rolls off easily from outside as well as from the inside.

We don't use this tableweart as it is not dishwasher safe. I was about to donate it. Happy I am that I didn't have the time yet! I really love the design as well so my new yarn bowl makes me really happy!